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School workshops

Helping today’s youth to understand themselves, each other and liberate talent

Group of Young Girls

Today’s school leavers face more options and career choices than ever before, with university courses at home and abroad, higher apprenticeship programmes and employer school leaver schemes. There are lots of decisions to make. Researching and gaining as much self-knowledge and experience as they can before leaving school can help and is an important part of the journey into the right career choice.

4Corners Consulting wants to give something back to today’s youth, and has developed an inspirational one-day workshop for young people aged 14 to 18 years old.

Those attending the workshop will:

  • Learn about themselves and others
  • Explore their natural skills
  • Meet business mentors
  • Be Inspired by successful entrepreneurs
  • Visit a workplace hub
  • Stand Out from the crowd.



Why should your child attend?

  • They will learn about who they are – their values; what environments they thrive in; what their natural approach and style is and create belief in who they are.
  • They will understand how to communicate better – build respect and trust; enjoy fruitful relationships and exert greater influence on people’s thinking.
  • It will help them make the right decisions for them – understand and relate to themselves better; decide what are the right subjects and careers for them.
  • Provide them with an opportunity to engage with business professionals – be inspired by real success stories; experience a workplace hub learning about the future workplace and start building networks.


Our workshops can be provided for all girl groups; all boy groups or mixed gender groups. Each programme is specifically tailored to the audiences needs.


How to book your child on to this workshop…

We run our workshops through schools, so why not talk to your school today about helping your child understand themselves, each other and liberate their talent.

The Head of your school can get in contact by emailing us at:

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