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Human resources


Charisma and force of will from company founders is often enough to get small teams working well. But at some point in your company’s journey, you’re going to need specialist input to be able to get the most from the people who work for you.

4 Corners provides strategic human resources advice and administration of HR programmes to help ambitious companies fulfil their potential. Our focus is on helping individuals and organisations to grow. We help you recruit and develop talent, organise people to work effectively and motivate them to perform at their best.

We take an overtly commercial view of HR. We see it as an enabler of business success. That’s why we promise that anything we propose will save or make you money.

How we work with you

We are able to provide advice and hands-on support on all aspects of how you recruit, develop and motivate your people. Areas where we can help include:

  • change management
  • competency frameworks
  • contracts and handbooks
  • customer service excellence
  • employee benefits
  • employee communication and engagement
  • employee relations
  • employment tribunals
  • mergers and acquisitions advice and due diligence
  • performance management
  • policies and procedures
  • recruitment, including assessment and selection
  • remuneration strategy and employee rewards and incentive programs
  • talent management
  • teambuilding
  • training and coaching.

For personal and professional development, we run bespoke and tailored self-empowerment workshops using the Packtypes self-awareness tool. In addition, our specialist consultants are licensed Packtypes instructors and qualified personal and executive coaches.

Our strategic HR consultancy is one of the four cornerstones of our integrated business consulting services.

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