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Our consulting approach


Running a small or mid-sized company with serious potential, but struggling to take it to the next level? At 4 Corners Business Consulting, we help you accelerate your growth with strategic advice and practical support in the four cornerstones of modern business success.

Based on our many years of hard-won experience leading businesses of all sizes, 4 Corners provides you with multidisciplinary consultancy expertise in:

Smaller companies with good ideas and products often grow fast, but after a year or two hit a plateau. Without specialist capability in one or more of these four key areas, they find it hard to build on their early promise.

That’s where 4 Corners comes in. We provide integrated management consultancy services that help you make the performance breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.


How we work with you

1. Fact find2. Analysis3. Proposal4. Advice5. Execution
We start with a brief fact find to gauge your company’s performance, plans and prospects.
Next, we can carry out a more thorough analysis. This is often based on one or more workshops with your senior management team. Where we can, we also like to spend time talking to your frontline staff as well as your customers and prospects. Sometimes, we’ll look to carry out small-scale market research.
We deliver a comprehensive proposal setting out how we’ll help you achieve your aims. We might recommend work in one or more of the four cornerstones – depending on where you have most to gain. This will include quick wins to solve your most pressing problems and seize the outstanding opportunities. It’s important for us that we make an instant impact for you.
We provide challenging and potentially transformative strategic advice to help you address the issues holding your company back – whether that’s in finance, marketing, sales, human resources, technology or operations.
Unlike some consultancies, we help you with practical support on anything from financial reporting to data mining and from marketing activities to a sales compensation plan.

Throughout our work with you, we’re a critical friend providing clear and pragmatic advice and access to the resources you need to execute fast.

Part of our remit can be skills transfer so that, in time, you develop the capabilities you need in-house – and we’ve worked ourselves out of a job.

Think of us as a hit squad of proven performers you can bring in to catalyse growth – without the hefty lead-time, overhead and risk of recruiting director-level personnel to your management team.

Want proof?

Take a look at the results we achieve for our clients through our unique approach to business consulting. Or read what clients say about us.

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