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Delivering the goods on back-office IT

Business process and systems integration for TNT Express, global delivery services provider

TNT_logoFull integration of key back-office business processes and supporting information systems was the result of a multimillion-pound project led by 4 Corners principal consultant Helen Reinson for TNT Express.

The processes covered by the project included commercial analysis of revenue and costs, transfer pricing, fiscal management (external tax accounting) and other smaller business processes.

TNT Express, the global provider of express delivery services, uses the processes across the whole organisation. Globally, hundreds of staff now access information from the new integrated system on a daily basis.

Return on investment

The €5m project delivered a 200 per cent return on investment within a year of implementation. It also helped TNT Express manage data far more efficiently so that senior managers could make better-informed decisions.

Helen was heavily involved at all stages of the project. She set up the initial bid and then formed and managed a number of technical and project teams to deliver it. She also oversaw the provision of training for system users. Throughout the three-year life of the project, she worked alongside TNT senior managers on the project steering team.

Helen and her team initially considered packaged solutions but in the end opted for a bespoke development. The technologies spanned Java WebSphere for the front-end, a COBOL mid-end for high-volume, complex transactions, then Cognos BI toolsets for the reports and cubes and all the analysis tools that allow users to view the results.

The new system can deal with three to four million consignments per run and can drill down to very fine detail, for example the pick up cost, sales cost or ICS cost for any individual consignment.

Helen led the project during her time as a director of software house Whistlebrook.

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