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We help ambitious companies accelerate their growth through our integrated management consultancy service.
Check out some examples of the work of the 4 Corners principal consultants:


Delivering the goods on back-office IT

Business process and systems integration for TNT Express, global delivery services provider

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Sustainability firm gains global profile

Marketing consultancy for Two Tomorrows, niche consultancy that’s now part of DNV

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Bold moves trigger rapid growth curve

Strategic and sales leadership for payment gateway DataCash, now part of MasterCard

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Building a talented team

Decisive HR advice and effective people programmes for fast-growing publishing company

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News & views

Updates from 4 Corners and latest thinking on the key financial, marketing, technology and people issues facing SMEs today

How to link strategy to day-to-day decisions

Too many small companies develop a strategic vision and direction, but fail to do what it takes to make it come alive in the...

Is your business technology stunting growth?

When planning for growth and success, the business technology you build into your overall strategy can play a strong part in how well, and...

Ditch the defensive approach to people management

Small businesses are faced with increasingly complex and arduous employment law. Sometimes, it can appear designed to catch out the results-driven MD. You’d be...