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“Helen clearly has an amazing ability to make an impression and knows her business extremely well indeed. Helen’s workshops and consultancy sessions based on social strategy for businesses are second-to-none. Working with Helen will be a pleasure for all those who get the opportunity to do so.”
Rob Lowe


“Nicki was brought in to help us prioritise our sales, marketing and PR strategies. Her research with our existing clients provided an invaluable insight to their experiences and perceptions of our business. She helped focus us on our strengths and enabled us to build upon opportunities we may have otherwise overlooked. In addition, her personality and professionalism made Nicki a pleasure to work with.”
Mick Tooley


“Nicki and her team always provide a great service, and understand our business very well.”
Jon Woodhead
Divisional sustainability manager, DNV Business Assurance


Helen is a highly focused individual, with a dedication to delivering quality products and services. Helen has a talent for high-level interpretation while managing concurrent projects, and the ability to put in place the right people and tools to get the job done.”
Sharon Bell
IT operations & support manager, Whistlebrook


“Nicki is one of the most solid professionals I’ve had the privilege of working with. Her blend of seasoned reasoning combined with a fine eye for an opportunity and awareness of new technology makes Nicki and her firm a sure thing to have in your corner in these challenging times.”
David Hoy
Digital marketing manager, JT Spas (former marketing manager, InstaGiv)


“Helen is an excellent IT project/team manager. Her ability to be involved in the detail when necessary as well as having an overall high-level strategic view is a great asset. This combined with a very honest and trustworthy attitude to any situation means consistent delivery to any deadlines agreed.”
Steve Miller
Head of BI competency centre, TNT


Helen is an excellent marketing leader and professional. Helen knows Whistlebrook as a business and has always kept us focused on the tasks and the projects. In particular, the immediate success in getting us on page 1 of Google. Helen is always enthusiastic and questioning, to ensure that the right message is delivered with all our marketing, adverts and collateral. I am confident that I can always count on Helen.”
Mariana Lindesay
HR professional, Whistlebrook

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