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Nicki Websper

Marketing consultant and performance coach

NickiWebsperI’ve had an extensive marketing career client-side across a spectrum of blue-chips, SMEs and start-ups. I’ve thrived on change and growth, getting immersed in the company’s products and markets while never losing sight of the bigger strategic picture. I have successfully forged strategies and operational marketing plans, leading expert teams and creative partnerships, to build brands and move market positions onwards and upwards.

In the last decade, I’ve harnessed that valuable experience and insight in the consulting arena, where I relish helping great small businesses grow and prosper. Enthusiasm, curiosity and an abiding interest in the world about me inspire my approach.

I have a strong belief in the power of individuals to achieve their potential. A licensed instructor for the Packtypes self-awareness tool and social fitness programme, I am also fine-tuning my personal and executive coaching skills with the world’s largest, accredited coach training company.

Since 2010, I’ve been a non-executive director of the Registry Trust, a not-for-profit SME and a great example of public information delivered by private means.

I have a huge passion for the arts and my home city of Bath, where I’m lucky to combine both; Bath is a ‘city of festivals’ and boasts a thriving arts scene. My family and my home are central to my life, while entertaining good friends al fresco on a fine summer’s day is one of my great pleasures.


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